Rocky Balboa is a character from the Rocky movies. Simple-minded, kind and gentle, Rocky used his incredible stamina and his enourmous willpower to climb to the top in the world of boxing. After defeating Apollo Creed, he became the heavyweight champion of the world, and befriended Apollo Creed, and Apollo's trainer, Duke, in the process. After Rocky's longtime trainer, Mickey Goldmill, died of a heart attack, Duke became Rocky's new trainer. Apollo later died fighting the Russian heavyweight champion Ivan Drago, which encouraged Rocky to beat Drago in the ring. After that, his wife Adrian died of ovarian cancer, but he reconnected with his old friend Marie, who became his new girlfriend. He decided to fight one last time against heavyweight champion Mason Dixon, and then retired from boxing. When Apollo's son, Adonis, decides to follow his father's footsteps and become a boxer, Rocky
Rocky balboa
becomes Adonis' mentor. Thus, Rocky sucessfully trains Adonis so he can last a full fight against the Irish medium-heavyweight champion. Ricky Conlan. In turn, Adonis encourages Rocky to start a life-saving treatment for a cancer that Rocky contracted after he defeated Mason Dixon.