Goku is the main character from the anime Dragon Ball Z. He is a member of an alien race called the Saiyans, who was sent to Earth as a baby after his planet was destroyed by the ruthless space conqueror Frieza. There, he was adopted by a kindly old man named Gohan. After Gohan died in a tragic accident, Goku met Bulma Briefs, and together they found the Dragon Balls, seven magical orbs that, when put together, summon the eternal dragon Sheng Long, which grants the one who summoned him one wish. The goofy old man Master Roshi trained Goku to become the protector of the universe. Thus, Goku is not only a master martial artist, but also an expert at channeling the mystical energy known as ki, with his most powerful attack being the Kamehameha. He is the husband of Chichi and the best friend of Krillin. Goku is kind and friendly, and has a veey large appetite, often eating more than a human from Earth could handle.
Goku by maffo1989-d4vxux4