Beetlejuice is a "bio-exorcist", a ghost that specializes in scaring humans so other ghosts can live in peace. However, when he was hired to scare the Deetz family, Beetlejuice decided to kidnap the Deetz daughter, Lydia and take her to live in the Neitherworld forever. He also tried to get rid of the Maitlands, the ghosts that hired him. In the end, he was defeated when a Sandworm sent him back to the Neitherworld.

After that incident, Beetlejuice reformed somewhat, being a more heroic figure while still keeping his mischievous prankster streak. Lydia and him made amends and remained friends to each other.

Beetlejuice is summoned by saying his name three times, and saying his name three times again sends him back to the Neitherworld. He is a powerful reality warper and has a mean-spirited sense of humor.